Like most people my age the release of Windows 7 was an exciting time. Vista was ok but still a little hard for the average person to work with. With the release of XP people started to find apps and preinstalled software that was easy to use. Windows 7 was a thing of beauty. Most people don’t know why Microsoft even called it 7 – after all, it was released in 2009. It was easy to use, configure, and deploy. Your IT guy loved it, and the end user respected it. It was probably one of the most stable and user-friendly OS to date.

Then in 2012 something horrible happened. The mere thought of it leaves me shaken and somewhat afraid. Microsoft released Windows 8. It was a dark time, indeed. Most companies and users tried it and tossed it out like rotten fish from Lake Erie. Everyone kept the beloved Windows 7.

Now the time has come to say goodbye to our old friend. Microsoft has already stopped releasing feature updates for Windows 7. Truth be told, it was fine by me! There was nothing more I wanted added to it. As of January 2020 (no, that’s not a made-up year), they are no longer doing security updates for it. Extended support has ended. We must move on! To be fair there were some nice features of Windows 8, and Microsoft was nice enough to add them into Windows 10. I think that Windows 10 is a nice marriage of both Windows 7 and Windows 8. It does take some getting used to, but in the end, I think it’s worth it.

What does the Windows 7 end of life mean to you?  First and foremost, for our companies that maintain private medical information, end of life means that it is no longer HIPAA complaint. To all those medical facilities, you must get rid of them. With the loss of HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance is gone, too. That should be a scary thing for our companies that work closely with the banking institutions. Most Windows 7 machines will be strong enough to handle the Windows 10 upgrade with some slight hardware additions. If you purchased your PC in the beginning of the Windows 7 life, it’s time to replace it.  You’re not alone on this! A lot of companies are scrambling this year to get it done. Need help? Remember leave IT to us…Cornerstone Technologies will help!