Is it painful to see the low toner warning on your printer or copier because it means that it will be an EXPENSIVE and UNANTICIPATED purchase?

Check Your Toner Cost

Spring is the perfect time to get a fresh look at your out of pocket toner costs. See how much toner you have used and purchased over the last year. Or, look even further back two to three years to get an actual cost of ownership of your device. The alternative solution is to eliminate your out out of pocket expenses and switch to a maintenance printing plan that includes toner. You would be surprised at how much savings is possible because not only will you create a budget for your toner usage but you will also get parts, drums, and maintenance labor for a fixed monthly price.

Is your storage closet filled with old, unused toner? Clean out the closet this spring and switch to a maintenance printing plan to schedule toner delivered as needed. Not only will you save closet space but you will stop throwing away money on unused toner.